Local students prepare for statewide robotics competition


Robots are taking over the world, and a group of local students are a part of that takeover.

Over the last six months, students at Chipman Junior High have spent more than a hundred hours building a robot.

The robot's called Senor Hamilton, and his job is to move cones for points.

On Sunday, the students will be competing in Vallejo for the VEX EDR State Robotics Competition.

Dusty Wittman is the robotics coach, and he said Senor Hamilton is just as much about team building as robot building.

"It's a very cohesive team, and they've all found their strengths and weaknesses ...," said Wittman.

Each student has a role. If things aren't working, they solve and rebuild until it's just right for competition.

The team hopes their ability to think on their feet will be enough to win, but the friendships and experiences have already made them winners.

If they win over the weekend, they will be headed to the world competition in April, competing against students from China, Europe and Japan.

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