Man arrested in northwest Bakersfield after officers find stolen vehicle

A man was arrested on Tuesday, Feb 6. 2018, after Bakersfield Police Officers noticed he was in a stolen vehicle. (KBAK/KBFX)

The Bakersfield Police Department arrested a man on Tuesday in northwest Bakersfield after officers realized he was in a stolen vehicle.

Officers were patrolling the area in unmarked cars in the area of Fruitvale Avenue and Norris Road when they noticed a vehicle that may have been stolen.

The officers followed the vehicle all the way to Rosedale Highway and Highway 99 when a marked unit made the stop. The man inside the vehicle stopped the car but proceded to get out on foot and attempt to flee, according to the BPD.

He was later arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle and a passenger who was also inside the car was also taken into custody.

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