Man sentenced for shooting pregnant woman

Ruben Cervantes appears in Kern County court Friday, Feb. 19, 2016. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

A man was sentenced Friday to 63 years to life in prison for shooting a pregnant woman in 2013.

Ruben Cervantes was found guilty in November on three counts, including two for attempted murder.

"The defendant was upset with the victim, she was pregnant at the time, he did not want her to keep the baby," said Deputy District Attorney Tamara Tuivaiti, "so he shot, trying to kill her and the baby."

The woman and baby both survived, but the woman was paralyzed.

"The victim will be permanently paralyzed, she's still being fed through a tube," said Tuivaiti. "She attempts to live life and take care of her baby, but the baby is alive and healthy."

Friday, Cervantes spoke up in court questioning the sentencing after sitting silently for most of the time.

"I haven't even had an attorney that came out to see me," he said. "You're gonna automatically sentence me to life in prison?"

A search of public records reveals Cervantes has a long criminal history and was out on AB 109 when that shooting happened.

A defense attorney argued that Cervantes was insane due to a history of drug use.

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