McFarland Police Department investigating shots fired at a person

McFarland police officers are searching for a man suspected of shooting at another person outside a store Saturday night.

Officers said two bullets went through a glass door entrance at 8:40 p.m. at the Discount Mart on the 300 block of West Perkins Avenue.

One bullet also hit a vehicle parked in the parking lot.

While searching the area officers found a second vehicle which had been hit six times by bullets while someone was inside.

Officers said the person inside was not injured.

Witnesses told officers that they saw the victim leave the store on the 600 block of 3rd Place, when a man standing in the roadway with a firearm, began to open fire at the victim.

The victim ran in the direction of the Discount Mart while the suspect continued to shoot.

There were no reports of any injuries, and the person being shot at has not contacted police.

The shooter was not identified and only a generic description was provided.

Anyone with information is asked to call McFarland police at (661) 792-2121.

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