Mysterious letter causes concern at Voorhies Elementary School

The Bakersfield City School District is investigating after a strange letter was sent to parents at Voorhies Elementary School. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

A bizarre letter was sent to some parents at Voorhies Elementary School last week, and the message inside is causing concern.

The letter claims to be from the school's current principal, saying he is a gay man who enjoys being around young boys.

However, school officials said the principal did not send the letter, calling it "deceitful" and "malicious."

The letter was sent out in an official Bakersfield City School District envelope from the "Gifted and Talented Education" division.

The letter is not on official school letterhead, and it was only sent out in Spanish.

In the letter, the writer claims to be the principal. Translated, the letter reads, "I'm gay and I've lived with my partner (a man) for many years. For this reason, I love little boys and more now because I'm going to have them very close to me."

Lori Pesante is the president of the Voorhies Parent Club and called this an act of hate.

"It's not right, this hate. This hate cannot be tolerated in any form," she said. "We support our principal, our school, our community, our district and most of all our kids, 100 percent without a question."

She said the principal is doing an "amazing" job this year, and the district will stand by him. She said it is not fair he was targeted.

"We will go through it with him. We are with him, and he is not alone," Pesante said. "When all is said and done, we want whoever did this to our community to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Parents expressed concern to Eyewitness News that someone was able to access student names and addresses in order to send out the letter.

The BCSD spokesperson said the district is confident that whoever sent out the letter works for them and already had access to that information.

Monday, the superintendent sent out a letter to address the incident. It reads, "The letter was sent in a Bakersfield City School District envelope, leading the recipient to believe it was a piece of official District communication."

It goes on to say the letter falsely identified the principle as the sender.

"The content of the letter was deceitful and its intent was malicious," the superintendent wrote.

BCSD said police are involved in this investigation.

Parents said they want to unite and show their support for the principal.

This Friday, Dec. 1, parents and students at Voorhies said they will be wearing school colors.

They are urging the entire community to join them and send a message that "hate will not be tolerated."

"I want our principal to look out at his beautiful school and see a sea of blue and yellow supporting him," Pesante said. "We are a team united. We're united against hate, and we support our principal. We support our school, and we are together on this."

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