New farmer's market comes to east Bakersfield

The Market on the Hill had its grand opening on Saturday. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Every Saturday, the Market on the Hill is set to become a permanent part of the east Bakersfield landscape.

The new farmers market had its grand opening Saturday morning, and is specifically focused on the eastern Bakersfield community.

“This community is really culturally diverse and, and it has such a great sense of community in east Bakersfield. And we really wanted to come to a place where we could create a market culture that would be appreciated by everybody,” said Kristin Weber, one of the market’s organizers.

The market features everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to pizza and gourmet eggs.

For its organizers, having local vendors present was key to the market’s success.

“These are vendors that have been in this immediate area for at least, you know, the last 10 years. Some of them as much as 30 years,” Jaclyn Allen, another organizer, said.

And all the hard work seems to have paid off with the community, as several of the vendors ran out of food in the first few hours.

“We’re overwhelmed, but in a really, really great way. It’s not very surprising though. We, we talked to a lot of people in this neighborhood before starting out, and the enthusiasm was there. And they see that we’re committed to be here, and, and they’re coming out to support it,” Weber said.

But as far as Weber and Allen are concerned, this is only the beginning.

“As the summer months come on and all the fruit comes off the vines and the trees, you’ll see an influx of farmers and I would imagine more, other vendors as well,” Allen said.

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