New program at Norris Middle School works to bridge gap between teachers and students


A group of student leaders showed up a week early to Norris Middle School to talk with administrators about improvements that could be made.

Students Leading Education, or SLED, is a nationwide program to increase student voice and leadership.

"They make up the bulk of voice on campus, yet sometimes their voices are lost," said leadership teacher Rebecca Been.

She said the program helps students identify areas of change and improvement on campus, come up with solutions and manage the projects from start to finish.

"It's very powerful when you put administrators and students in an environment where the students become the teachers and the administrators learn from those students," said the founder of SLED, Travis Allen. "It's empowering to the students, its eye-opening to the administrators, and it starts to change education."

The Norris students felt their school was lacking technology. The students gave solutions on how teachers can incorporate tech into their lesson plans, from using apps to using video games. They will work on those solutions throughout the school year before lunch or during lunch meetings.

It's not just about problem solving for participant Presley Lawrence, it's about making a difference.

"I feel like it'll really shape the future, cause we are the next generation of grown-ups," said Lawrence.

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