New report available on 24th Street widening project

Bakersfield's 24th Street is seen in a KBAK/KBFX file photo.

A re-circulated draft environmental impact report for the 24th Street widening project is now available for public review.

The plan calls for widening 24th Street through downtown and expanding 23rd and 24th streets from three to four lanes in each direction between D and M streets.

Homes in the way of 24th Street expansion would be demolished.

The re-circulated draft environmental impact report was ordered by a court to include cul-de-sacs into the project and "expanded explanations pertaining to alternatives that were considered but rejected," according to the Thomas Roads Improvement Program.

The document will be under a 45-day review period that starts Monday. A public hearing with the Bakersfield Planning Commission is set for Jan. 21.

MORE: See the re-circulated draft environmental impact report

Comments on the revised portions can be sent to Janet Wheeler with TRIP at

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