Nurses protest for change in staffing at Dignity Health

Nurses protest for staffing changes at Mercy Hospital Downtown in Bakersfield, Calif., on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Members of the California Nurses Association from Mercy, Mercy Southwest and Memorial marched at Dignity Health in protest of short staffing on their floors.

Mary Lynn Briggs, a nurse at Mercy and Mercy Southwest and member of the California Nurses Association, said they have had numerous meetings with management to voice their staffing concerns. She said management has made no staffing changes since they started having these meetings.

Briggs said the units in the hospitals are not being provided with break relief, meaning nurses are having to work 12-hour shifts without a break.

"It is unsafe staffing, not every shift, not every unit, not every day, but there are situations of unsafe staffing in the hospital," said Briggs.

A statement released by Dignity Health reads, in part:

"We are disappointed at the union's decision to engage in this activity. We apologize to our patients physicians and staff for any inconvenience this informational picket may cause....The health care workers participating in the informational picket are valued and respected members of our health care team. Our Employee and Labor Relations as well as Human Resources department welcome the opportunity to meet with CNA and its members to discuss and find common resolution to the issues of concern."

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