Oil and gas prices soar, but Bakersfield oil production declines

An oil well as seen in Kern County, Calif. on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

In Kern County, where oil fuels our cars and economy, the price of oil and gas is soaring. But, oil producers aren’t profiting from the premium prices.

“The fact folks are paying more at the pump right now actually has a whole lot to do with an increase in gas taxes and a whole lot less to do with production or anything happening in the field, and unfortunately that's something we all have to pay for, and unfortunately Kern County doesn't get to reap the benefits of that," said Willie Rivera, director of regulatory affairs for the California Independent Petroleum Association.

Local oil producers say they’re facing tougher permit approvals and regulations from the state, curtailing production dramatically.

The average price of gas in Bakersfield is at $3.42 a gallon, well above the national average of $2.75 a gallon, according to

Prices this week in Bakersfield are over 44 cents per gallon higher than on the same day a year ago, according to Gasbuddy. The national average has increased nearly 34 cents per gallon over than this day a year ago.

The price of gas is expected to climb even higher during the upcoming summer driving season.

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