Oildale Domino's Pizza restaurant closed after dead rat, rodent droppings found

A photo taken by a Kern County public health inspector shows a dead rodent at a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Oildale, Calif., Friday, Jan. 12, 2018. (Photo provided by Kern County Department of Public Health)

A Domino's Pizza restaurant in Oildale has closed after a Kern County health inspector found signs of a rat infestation.

The spokeswoman for the Kern County Department of Public Health said they got a tip Friday morning about poor conditions at the restaurant on North Chester near China Grade Loop. They followed up on that tip and found at least one dead rat, along with rodent droppings.

The health department spokeswoman said they plan to meet with the restaurant's owner to find out what happened and how they can bring this location back up to code.

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