Centennial High grads cheat death

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A pair of Centennial High graduates, now living in Virginia, cheated death over the weekend when a helicopter crashed into their apartment.

Luck is about being in the right place at the right time. This weekend for a Breanne Kellogg, that right place was Bakersfield.

"I get a call on my phone from a neighbor, has my dog of all things," said Kellogg.

It's a phone call she will never forget. Her neighbor started by saying there was a fire.

"Then, she's like, 'A helicopter hit the condominiums,'" Kellogg described.

Kellogg's phone call was Sunday night, the same night a helicopter crashed into townhomes in Virginia. Two people were killed.

Luckily, Kellogg she wasn't home. She was here in Bakersfield. Unlucky for Kellogg, she was here because her mom was having brain surgery.

"On any other normal Sunday afternoon, we would be lounging, watching TV, and my dog would be running around probably hiding upstairs under the bed playing with his toys," said Kellogg. "As unlucky as the events were, I feel really grateful that they were aligned just so, and that we're all OK."

Kellogg may be going back to nothing, but she's not leaving Bakersfield empty handed.

"People from Bakersfield have been so kind from the moment they saw it," said Kellogg.

People pitched in and got her two suitcases full of essentials for when she gets home to Virginia.

Thankfully, her husband and fellow Centennial High grad, Casey Kellogg, wasn't home when the helicopter crashed.

And how's the unknowing hero in this story? More good news: Kellogg's mom's surgery was a success, not only saving her own life but her daughter's, too.

Casey Kellogg is active Navy, and that's why they now live in Virginia.

If you would like to help the Kelloggs get back on their feet, they have a GoFundMe page.

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