Pair of men in Ridgecrest arrested on suspicion of attacking a man

One of the two men the Ridgecrest Police Department arrested following an attack on a victim at a gas station. Photo provided by the RPD Facebook page on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. 

The Ridgecrest Police Department arrested a pair of men after they allegedly attacked a man who was sitting in his car on Saturday morning.

Authorities arrested 21-year-old Noel Alberto Sanchez and 25-year-old Neko Antonio Ortiz.

The victim of the attack told authorities he was just sitting in his car near a Fastrip on China Lake Boulevard when one of the men came up to him and began to attack him.

The man hit the victim several times in the face before the victim was able to get out of his car and arm himself with a baseball bat, according to the RPD.

That is when the other man approached him and took out a knife and threatened the victim.

The victim was able to use the bat to hit both men causing them to runaway.

However one of the men came back with the knife and used it to slash the victims tires, then ran to his vehicle and attempted to run the victim over while driving away.

Officers were able to use the surveillance footage from the gas station to identify the two men.

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