Parents of KHSD's graduating students dispute graduation dress policies

This picture is of Skylar McCarty (left) graduating senior at Centennial High School and Alex Sanchez (right) graduating senior at Frontier High School. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Kern High School students and parents are outraged with Centennial High School and Frontier High School's decision to not let them wear personalized garments with their cap and gowns.

Alex Sanchez is a senior at Frontier High School who has been accepted into the Air Force pending his graduation.

Julie Giordano, Alex's mother, said the school will not allow him to wear a military stole because they say it's against policy and procedure.

"Whether it's the Air force, or college or just getting that 4.0 whatever it is, all those things need to be honored, all of those things need to be celebrated," said Giordano.

Skylar Mccarty, a senior at Centennial High School, was denied the option of wearing her Kente cloth stole by the school.

"I was not too surprised that I was not able to wear it, but it is still a little hurtful," said McCarty.

Both families want change and hope in the future the school,s will do things differently.

"I would like them to see that wearing things that don't have to do with academics, does not really take away from the graduation process and honoring that we are graduating from Centennial, but it also allows us to honor where we came from and our own differences and celebrate that instead of conforming, said McCarty.

The Kern High School District graduation dress policies are the following:

The KHSD said traditional caps and gowns are the only appropriate apparel for graduates.

The responsibility for developing the format of individual schools commencement exercise is delegated to the principal of that school.

Graduation commencement ceremonies are a district activity intended primarily to award diplomas from the district Board of Trustees to graduate from the individual schools.

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