Plans for entertainment venue in downtown Bakersfield

A vacant 5 acre lot in downtown Bakersfield could be turned into an entertainment center. Photo taken Tuesday, April 10, 2018. (KBAK/KBFX Photo)

New plans for downtown Bakersfield could be on the horizon.

On California Avenue and P Street there is a vacant 5 acre lot for sale at $2,230,000. The city is looking to turn the piece of property into an entertainment venue.

It's the last and final piece of the Mill Creek Vision Plan, to revitalize the area.

"The city has been looking for a potential buyers for well over 10 years," said Ward 2 City Council-member, Andrae Gonzales.

The proposed entertainment venue would sit next to the Bakersfield Ice Center, McMurtrey Aquatic Center, and the Maya Cinemas.

"We're trying to develop a mini L.A. Live, something where there's lots of energy and lots of people who come down and enjoy a nice evening out," said Gonzales.

After several proposals, the city was approached by The Discovery Management Group LLC.

They opened their first commercial entertainment venue in 2013 called Discovery Ventura, and have had lots of success with the building.

Now, they are looking to open a "Discovery Bakersfield". There would be live entertainment, a bowling alley, and restaurant.

"Anything that brings excitement to Bakersfield is always gonna be good for the younger generation and the older generation because we have a lot of room to grow," said Bakersfield resident, John Dickerson.

Gonzales says the sale and future tax dollars made from the venue, will benefit the city.

Wednesday night, the City Council will go over "letter of intent" for Discovery to purchase the property and make sure their vision is consistent with the city's vision.

"Discovery Bakersfield" could be opened in just two years.

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