Prosecutor Eric Smith reflects on Sabrina Limon murder conviction

Attorney Eric Smith, the prosecutor in the Sabrina Limon murder trial, speaks to reporters Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, after Limon was found guilty of murder. (KBAK/KBFX photo/Octavio Flores)

Jurors ruled Thursday that Sabrina Limon conspired with her lover to kill her husband, finding her guilty of murder and several other charges.

Attorney Eric Smith, who prosecuted the case, took a few moments afterwards to speak with reporters about his win.

Smith said the most nerve-racking moment of the trial resided in the amount of national attention it garnered. Eyewitness News and other outlets livestreamed the full trial.

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The prosecutor said the case itself is nothing new for him. He's used to trying murder cases. However, he felt more emotionally tethered to this particular case, finding himself hugging the family of murder victim Robert Limon after the court found Sabrina Limon guilty of murder.

"It's the end of a lot of hard work. It's something (I’ve) wanted as a prosecutor since I took over the case to file charges against her, so it's the end of a long road," he said, "and basically getting the two people, two individuals involved in Robert's death convicted, and that’s done now.”

Smith also spoke as to why he elected to bring Robert Limon’s killer to the stand and hinge a great degree of his argument around co-conspirator Jonathan Hearn's testimony.

"Yes, (Hearn) was the admitted killer, but the reason we did it were the other things as well," Smith said. "Previously, we had her cellphone, but we didn’t have all the text messaging from the days following, so we were able to get the text messaging that she did with Jonathan Hearn. … That’s why we decided to move forward.”

Smith will now devote his efforts towards the sentencing stages and said he’s not worried about any upcoming motions that might come through and will deal with them as they arise.

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