Ridgecrest council votes 4-1 to support Trump's sanctuary state lawsuit

Credit: City of Ridgecrest

The Ridgecrest City Council voted Wednesday night to support the lawsuit against California's so-called sanctuary state law that limits police cooperation with federal immigration agents.

The council voted 4-1, joining nearly two dozen other California cities and counties.

The city won't be officially joining the lawsuit, but plans to file an amicus curiae brief.

Also known as a "friend of the court," an amicus brief is filed by an uninvolved party offering insight or information on one side of the issue at hand. Ridgecrest's statement will support Jeff Sessions, who is arguing on behalf of the federal government to end the sanctuary policy.

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The decision comes amid a growing conservative backlash against the Democratic governor's stance on immigration enforcement.

The decision was reached after what Councilman Wallace Martin called a "spirited debate." He thanked all sides for the high level of civic participation.

Wallace said he believes the council's decision represents the views of a growing number of Californians who feel Sacramento has moved too far to the left.

"This action is representing the silent majority," he said, noting that those who dislike the sanctuary policy are not necessarily anti-immigration.

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