The Robokiller app blocks those annoying robocalls

Photo from TelTech Systems.

A new app called "RoboKiller" is turning the table on robocallers.

The app intercepts robocalls and leaves them on the phone.

"When it blocks those calls, it actually intercepts it with answer bots, which are bots of our own that talk back to the scammers and waste their time, so you get a little revenge on them," Ethan Garr, vice president of product for TelTech Systems, which created RoboKiller, said.

App users can either choose one of the RoboKiller answer bots or make one themselves.

The answer bots waste the scammers' time, so the scammers can't waste your time.

"The time that we're wasting is time that those scammers can't speak to you. They can't reach into your pocket. They can't steal your identity. They can't come after you because they're indisposed. They're busy with an answer bot right now," Garr said.

Most Americans receive 19 robocalls a month, but Bakersfield residents, on average, receive 27.

The app can be purchased at the Google Play store or the Apple app store.

It costs $2.99 a month or $29.95 a year.

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