Second-grade class shows gratitude for veterans


Inside of Teresa Johns' second-grade class, students were busy coloring "thank you" cards for our local veterans.

One of them read;

Dear Veteran,
Thank you for fighting for our country and thank you for making us free.
Yours truly,

Johns said she wants to teach her students about the service and sacrifice that countless men and women have made to serve our country.

"I feel it is important for them to realize why we live in the United States and why we can live freely and have freedom," said Johns. "That is all due to veterans and the military protecting and serving our country."

The students were able to meet John Hill, a local Air Force veteran. They were able to ask him questions about his deployment, the time he served, and they even asked what he ate during his time overseas during the Korean War.

At the end of their meeting, all of the kids got up from their seats and saluted Hill and thanked him for his service.

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