Sewer rates on the rise in Oildale and north Bakersfield


Oildale and north Bakersfield may soon be paying more for sewer service.

The North of River Sanitary District No. 1 is proposing an increase in annual service fees and capacity fees.

Tuesday night, the district approved a five-year increase for its one-time capacity fee, which helps keep the business operating.

Prior to the approval, the fee was $7,087 per residence, but starting July 1, it will increase around 5 percent to $7,450. It would then go up 4.25 percent each year. That would be a total increase of 22 percent.

"We have some old facilities, we've been around since the mid-40s, so we have some old pipelines we have to rehabilitate and maintain," said District Manager Patrick Ostly.

Those fees will help pay for improvements to the sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.

"Everybody takes it for granted, when they flush the toilet or they run the shower, that it will work, and if it doesn't work it affects the whole community," said Ostly.

At their next meeting, they will be voting on an increase in annual service fees, from $312.06 to $327.66 per single-family residence. If approved, the increase would take effect July 1. They are also looking to increase the charge over the next four years, which could range anywhere from 1 percent to 5 percent through 2023.

The district will hold a hearing about the proposed annual service fee increase at 5:30 p.m. June 19 at the district office, 204 University Ave.

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