Neighbor finds torture victim: 'She was bleeding everywhere'

This is the home, seen July 31, 2017, on Troy Street where a woman claims she was held captive, tortured and left for dead in June in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

A couple was arrested in Oxnard for the attempted murder and torture of a Bakersfield woman.

According to the Kern County Sheriff's Office, a woman was held captive in her home on the 300 block of Troy street in east Bakersfield.

The woman was stabbed several times with sword and was ultimately left alive in her home as the apartment was set on fire.

Franco Ochoa, 50, and Amalia Lopez, 42, are accused of carrying out the crimes, ranging from attempted murder to arson.

In the apartment next door lives Kyra Oliver, who said she never suspected her neighbor could be in trouble until the night of the fire.

Oliver was awoken by the sound of neighbors frantically banging on her door, because they thought it was her house on fire.

"And so I come out and her house is smoking," said Oliver.

First responders were called to the fire and cleared out the apartment, but they found no one inside.

Oliver assumed her neighbor was never in the apartment since no one was found inside, but that all changed the following morning when Oliver took out her trash.

"When she called for me I'm thinking it was a cat because we have cats here and it sounded like she was moaning," said Oliver.

Oliver walked towards the source of the sound only to find her neighbor on the floor.

"Her hands were all just severed, hanging. she looked really bad," said Oliver. "She was bleeding everywhere."

According to the Sheriff's report the victim broke a window and got out of the burning home.

Oliver upon finding her neighbor immediately called for help and the woman was rushed to the hospital.

At the time she was in critical condition and there was a possibility she would lose some fingers.

There has been no update on her condition.

Ochoa is being held in Ventura County to face charges in Oxnard before being sent to Kern County to face the several charges related to this case.

Lopez is being sent back to Kern County to face charges as well.

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