Some health experts blame dating apps for the rise in STDs

Photo: Pexels via MGN

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, and some health experts are pointing to the popularity of dating apps.

"We do know here in Kern County, we do have some of the highest rates of STDs in the state," said Michelle Corson, spokeswoman for Kern County Public Health Services.

She said many factors likely contribute to the rise of STDs, and dating apps could be one of them.

"Powerful tool to have, right there, that makes connecting to others very quick and easy, and it is often anonymous sex that is happening, and that you don't know the history of these partners that you're connecting with, and that's a very scary thing," said Corson.

Kern County has the second highest rate of chlamydia in the state and is the fourth highest for gonorrhea and syphilis.

Many dating apps, like Tinder, allow you to swipe and potentially make a match -- what experts say provide an avenue for risky behaviors.

"This is the health of our community, and it's the health of our next generation," said Corson.

But with new statistics showing STDs are on the rise across the country, health experts say sexual health education needs to adapt with ever-changing technology.

The Public Health Clinic does offer testing at 1800 Mt. Vernon, Monday through Friday. You can also call (661) 321-3000 or visit Kern Public Health for more information.

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