Name tattoos still making their mark as popular Valentine's Day gift


Throughout the years, tattoo artists have recognized name tattoos as a popular Valentine's Day gift.

"Valentine's Day is the day. We get the names and the hearts and the little tributes to the loved ones," said Marc DeLeon, owner of Mad Dog Tattoos in downtown Bakersfield.

DeLeon said over the past 24 years, he's seen thousands of people get some sort of a name tattooed on their body, but he said sometimes people regret it.

"If we tattoo 10 names, eight of them are getting covered up at some point," said DeLeon.

And covering them up can oftentimes be more expensive than getting the tattoo, which is why DeLeon recommended getting initials, children's names or making the text thinner.

"It's kind of a double-edged sword," he said. "People get the name, and then they break up, and then they have to cover it."

Mad Dog Tattoos is having a half-price special. Name tattoos are $40.

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