Tehachapi wine growers looking to be put on the map

Wine lovers listen up, growers in Tehachapi are trying to make their vineyards a destination.

A few weeks ago, an application was submitted to make Tehachapi an American Viticultural Area also known as AVA. The title would make Tehachapi a designated wine grape growing region.

"Right now, our wine labels just say California on it, but other areas such as Paso Robles, Santa Barbra...those are all recognized AVA's and they are able to put their name on it and be identified as a wine from that area, and so we would very much like to say our wines are from Tehachapi," said Jim Arnold, owner of Triassic Vineyards.

There are currently 7 vineyards in Tehachapi, two have tasting rooms and three more are under construction. Several have award winning wines.

"They come in with low expectations but then they say wow, this is good wine," said Arnold.

Growers say the label would bring more value to the vineyards.

"It's very helpful, it'll bring revenue to the community and Kern County," said Arnold.

If the application is approved ,Lydia Chaney, with the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council, say it would be a big deal for their economy, specifically in tourism.

"We're gonna have people staying in our hotels, staying at our camp sites, eating at our restaurants, and shopping at our antique shops because there's so much to do here," said Chaney.

The application has to be approved by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. It could take a few years to get approved, but Arnold says they received a letter saying their application has been received and they meet all the criteria.

Growers also say Kevin Mccarthy is also in support of it.

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