Kern High School District board OKs plan to change some attendance boundaries

Kern High School District trustees on Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, approved Plan A for changes to attendance boundaries for some students in northwest Bakersfield, Calif. (Map provided by KHSD)

Kern High School District trustees met Monday night to vote on boundary changes that will affect where some students in northwest Bakersfield attend.

Overcrowding at Frontier High School prompted the district to make changes.

These changes only affect incoming freshmen for the 2018-19 school year, with an exception that allows kids with older siblings to stay in the same school.

The board approved Plan A, and some attendance boundaries will shift from Centennial and Shafter high schools to North High School.

Students living in Gossamer Grove will also be headed to North.

While Centennial is losing some future students, that school will now take in others who would've attended Frontier.

Some would-be Frontier students will be headed to Liberty High School.

Roger Sanchez, director of research and planning for the district, said the decision was difficult for the board, but it's time to start looking toward the future.

Monday's board meeting also included some people from Lamont speaking out in hopes of another high school. The group presented a petition with more than 1,600 signatures in support of a new school.

Students of Lamont currently attend Arvin High School. Students drive more than 10 miles to get to school, and Arvin is overcrowded, they said.

The president of Lamont Chamber of Commerce said the residents are paying their taxes, and something should be done.

"It's not a good environment," Jose Gonzalez said. "You have a cafeteria that only has a capacity of 500, and you have 2,700 students actually going to lunch at the same time. Where are you going to put all those students?"

"It's very disheartening," he continued.

The community is asking for support and will be holding a meeting Aug. 30 in hopes of getting a high school.

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