The plastic straw debate continues with proposed bill

Photo: Pixabay / CC0 1.0

The plastic vs. paper straw debate continues to make headlines as more cities opt for a complete ban on plastic straws, which they say harms the environment.

Right now, a proposed bill in California would make it illegal for servers to give customers plastic straws unless they ask for them.

Bakersfield doesn't have a ban on plastic straws, but business owners are still finding ways to stop straws from ending up in our ocean.

Employees say Moo Creamery has stopped giving away straws unless diners ask for them, and Jake's Tex-Mex Cafe uses paper straws. It's creating mixed emotions from residents.

Plastic straws are also getting a lot of attention on the internet. An anti-straw movement called #StopSucking is trending.

There is also backlash to the movement, as some disability advocates say some people need straws.

If the proposed bill passes, it will not completely ban plastic straws. Lawmakers say their intention is to have you think twice before using a plastic straw.

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