Owner defends decision to refuse wedding cake for same-sex couple: "This is God's bakery"

Tastries bakery in Bakersfield, Calif., is seen Monday, Aug. 28, 2017. A same-sex couple says the owner refused to take their business for a wedding cake. The owner defended her decision to refer the business elsewhere on the grounds of her religious beliefs. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

A same-sex couple is accusing a bakery owner of turning them away when attempting to purchase a wedding cake.

The owner of the Tastries bakery said while she wouldn't make the cake herself, she didn't turn the couple away. Cathy Miller said she referred the couple to another qualified bakery that could fill the order.

Miller runs the bakery with her family and her faith.

"My bakery, from Day 1, my employees have known that this is God's bakery," Miller said.

While Miller said her faith prevented her from being party to a same-sex marriage, she does respect the LGBTQ community.

"As a Christian, I love everyone that God has created," Miller said. "We are all his children."

Since the couple was referred to another bakery, there have been two rather distinct reactions.

The first is from those who disagree with Miller's decision.

"They take it out on my employees, instead of me," said Miller.

Many of those people have taken matters into their own hands, giving Tastries negative reviews on Facebook and Yelp, calling the bakery to swear at whoever picks up the phone, and even threatening Tastries employees.

The threats escalated so much one employee quit their job.

The other reaction has come from the portion of the community that supports Miller. Many of those people made their way down to Tastries to purchase baked good and to let Miller know she's not alone.

"It was just a real blessing to see that support in this really difficult time," Miller said.

She said she hopes the support and her faith will give her the strength to get through this so she can continue to make pastries and practice her faith.

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