Three babies born at Mercy Hospital Southwest on Christmas Day

A baby born on Christmas Day 2017 is seen at Mercy Hospital Southwest in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Some parents in Bakersfield received the ultimate gift this Christmas, a new baby.

On Christmas Day, three babies were born at Mercy Hospital Southwest.

"He was supposed to be born Jan. 1, 2018," said Sujey Fernandez, newborn baby Noah's mom. "He came early for Christmas."

The best gifts are often small and unexpected.

Little Noah came in weighing a healthy 7 pounds and measuring 20 and a half inches long.

He's Fernandez's third baby boy, and he's the best Christmas gift her family could ask for.

"I just saw him, I had forgotten how it was to like see your baby and just fall in love," she said. "It's a special day for me and my boys, and husband. We're very happy."

And down the hall, little Remy surprised his parents. He was also ready to meet the world at 6 pounds and 18 inches long.

Both babies wore red-stripped elf hats and were placed in red stockings, bringing joy for the parents as their babies arrive on Christmas Day.

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