Vandalism suspects arrested in McFarland with explosives, 50 cans of spray paint

McFarland, Calif., officers arrested two men on suspicion of vandalism and possessing homemade explosives Saturday, July 15, 2017. (Photo from McFarland Police Department)

McFarland officers arrested two men after finding them with homemade explosives.

The men were contacted by officers, who suspected them of spray painting a tractor-trailer.

Officers then found several small explosives in a truck driven by one of the suspects near the intersection of 1st Street and West Sherwood Avenue.

Police identified the suspects as Bakersfield residents Francisco Delgado, 20, and Rolando Gonzalez, 21.

Officers also found them with nearly 50 cans of spray paint.

Police said they believe these suspects are also connected to a vandalized road sign overlooking Highway 99.

Damage for both vandalism incidents is estimated at $20,000, police said.

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