United Pastors Fellowships hosts Save Our Youth event

The United Pastors Fellowship Save Our Youth gathering on Sept. 22, 2018, was to support young people in the community. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

On Saturday, the United Pastors Fellowship held its first Save Our Youth event.

The day brought together a variety of different vendors and local organizations with the intention of helping young people throughout the Bakersfield area.

To be able to provide an opportunity to show young people that there are other alternatives within the community without resorting to violence and drug is a positive thing, Minister Rashid Frye, one of the event’s organizers, said.

Frye says that events like these are important to the fellowship because they show a commitment to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

“Our youth are our next generation, and we have to invest in them, no different than anything else,” said Minister Frye.

Gabrielle Seuell was one of the speakers at the event.

For her, the rally was a way to strengthen the bonds between people of her own generation.

“We want to help bring them closer together so that everyone knows that we’re linked together,” she said.

For Frye, building a solid foundation for the kids of today is all about consistency.

“We are actively putting information out there. We dispel that notion that nobody cares or that no one is giving me an opportunity,” he said.

And the minister says that this is just the beginning.

“We plan on going forth. Seeing this turnout and seeing the community’s response, only just motivates us to want to do more.”

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