Update: Horse injured in Cottonwood Fire expected to live long, healthy life

The horse known as "The Boss" is making a speedy in December 2017 after suffering burns during a brush fire in October in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

WARNING: Portions of this video contain graphic images.


The Cottonwood Fire that raged in October in Bakersfield left a horse badly burned. "The Boss," as he's called, was tended to by a local volunteer before being transported to UC Davis for further treatment.

After spending six weeks at the university, the horse back in Oildale and is expected to live a happy and healthy life.

"I like to think he's a miracle horse," said Taylor Bartley, his new owner. "I mean, if nothing else he's been really positive through the whole thing."

After weeks of honey baths, acupuncture and antibiotics, and the Boss' skin is now turning into brown fuzz.

But the horse will have permanent damage. His ears are scarred, and his left eye is impaired. But doctors say it's nothing that will affect his quality of life.

And the good news keeps coming: The Boss is about to be a dad.

"Both he and his baby mama were burned in the fire, and she managed to keep her pregnancy," said Bartley. "We've got two really tough-cookie horses, and I think the baby is going to be pretty special, as well."

His owners will continue to watch the stallion closely, growing with him as he grows back to his old self.

In the future, the goal is to have him be a therapy horse.

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