Valadao staff release statement after protest held outside home

FILE – Rep. David Valadao gives a satellite interview to Eyewitness News in July 2018.

Rep. David Valadao's campaign manager released a statement Wednesday in response to a protest that was held outside Valadao's home.

The statement reads as follows:

Supporters of TJ Cox should be ashamed of their actions outside the Valadao home. Threatening family members of any elected official is crossing a line of decency and there is no place for it. As a husband and father himself, Mr. Cox should immediately denounce these actions and those who participated in today's protest should apologize to Congressman Valadao's wife and children.

The congressman was not at home at the time of the protest, however both his wife and children were.

When deputies arrived, the protesters left the area and moved the protest to outside Valadao's office.

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