Vietnam veteran's dog attacked, killed in Arvin

David Waterbury, a Vietnam veteran, is mourning the loss of his dog, Shadow.

Shadow was attacked and killed by another dog on one of their walks around Arvin.

Waterbury tried to stop the attack and was hospitalized with his injuries. His companion was not so fortunate.

"I carried him all the way home, in my arms," Waterbury said.

Waterbury said the dog that attacked Shadow was not a stray, although there are often strays walking around.

"Somebody owns him because when the police were called they took a report and the animal control came, and I saw the owner following the pit bull down the sidewalk because the pit bull was wounded," Waterbury said.

Shadow was laid to rest, and now Waterbury hopes this will not happen to anyone else. That's why he's hired a lawyer, hoping the city of Arvin and animal control officials will take action.

"It's not monetary for me," he said. "I want the city of Arvin to be held accountable for the loss of my friend. That's all I want."

Waterbury said he feels animal control is not doing their job.

"You see them rolling up and down the street all day, but they just roll by the dogs running free," he said. "If I have to bring a lawsuit I will, against the city of Arvin I will, in order for them to get their animal control under control."

The Arvin Police Department confirms a report was filed.

Arvin and animal control officials did not want to comment at this time.

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