Visalia woman takes cover in Vegas; captured on video

Debi Callahan

Debi Callahan was in Vegas for that country music festival with six friends and she's now trying to get back home.

Callahan says she and her friends made it out alive. They’re now all together at a hotel. They are now waiting for investigators to release their cars but Sunday night is still on their minds. She says it as the last act took the stage, things turned for the worst.

Callahan hit record on her phone at the moment when she was forced to take cover under a table as shots were being fired.

"I am not sure what made me click the video. I didn't know what else what else to do. I clicked the video and I just ran... Just in case," said Callahan.

Just in case, she and her friends didn't make it out alive.

"It honestly sounded like firecrackers so you are kind of looking around for firecrackers. Then all of sudden, my friends are yelling get down. Get down. Get down. We dove down behind the seats. The gunshots, we couldn't tell where they were coming from, we just took off running," said Callahan.

At one point the video shows what looks like someone dragging another person on the floor.

"The girl had gunshot wounds. Trying to figure out stuff, I saw them carrying her out, but I was looking around trying to figure out where to go and where to run for safety because we couldn't tell where they (the shots) were coming from. There were so many shots," said Callahan.

Shots that sent her and everyone else running for cover but in different directions and that, she says, is when she lost track of her friend, Rhonda Trask.

"It was just pure mayhem. People were running and screaming. People were shot and bleeding. I remember just running for my life and I got pushed from behind I grabbed a pole. I thought I would just pull myself back up again. I went down and as I came back up I twisted my ankle. There was this precious 15-year-old boy who stopped. He tried to pick me up and said come on let's go. He actually tried to carry me. I said no honey, let's just run. I took my shoes off and I limped and ran as fast as I could to Tropicana,” said Trask.

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