Community responds to Wasco Animal Shelter's urgent call for adoptions to ease crowding

KBAK/KBFX photo/Kristen Powers

Officials with the Wasco Animal Shelter have been active on Facebook since the weekend as they warn of euthanasia to ease crowding.

Shelter volunteers posted photos of multiple dogs, writing that they're in immediate danger of being euthanized without further notice.

Wasco officials said that dogs are not in immediate danger, but the shelter is crowded.

The Wasco city manager said the page is run by volunteers and is not monitored by the city.

One post by the volunteers states:

The Next Time We Post it will be to either Update that these Precious Pupsters Have Been Put To Sleep , rescued or adopted.

Shelter officials said they need to make space for an influx of strays following the weekend storm.

The community responded to the call for help. The shelter said 10 dogs were rescued on Tuesday.

Five of the dogs went home with Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.

There are still dogs that need to be rescued. The shelter would not comment on how many or what the timeline is before they resort to euthanasia.

Call the shelter at (661) 758-7240 for more information.

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