WATCH | Sabrina Limon trial extends into 3rd week

Sabrina Limon is seen during her trial in Kern County court in Bakersfield, Calif., Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, charged with her husband's murder. (KBAK/KBFX photo/pool camera)

NOTE: This story contains live updates over multiple days of the Sabrina Limon murder trial.

This was first published Monday, Sept. 25, and is a continuation of other stories containing live coverage from the courtroom:

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The trial is underway for a woman accused of conspiring with her lover to kill her husband.

Sabrina Limon faces six charges, including murder. Robert Limon, a railroad worker, was shot in 2014 at an industrial complex in Tehachapi.

Limon was arrested in January, days before the man she allegedly conspired with, Jonathan Hearn, took a plea deal. Hearn, a firefighter in Redlands, promised to testify against Limon in exchange for a reduction in his charges.


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Jurors on Tuesday watched a video all day of an interrogation detectives performed on Sabrina Limon just before her first arrest in November 2014. Detectives spoke candidly about their investigation and level of surveillance on her and Jonathan Hearn, informing her that they would be able to identify lies.

But Limon never deviated from her position that her husband's death came as a shock. Despite the affair "looking bad" afterward, Limon insisted she never wanted her husband dead and never asked Hearn to make that happen.

Her secrecy, she said, stemmed from an intense fear about the affair being outed. She said she was under the impression that Hearn's precautions were also linked to concern about the affair.

At one point in the interview, a detective informed Limon that Hearn was in custody and suggested that he would surely blame the murder on her. Limon denied blame and refused to believe Hearn would testify as such. Hearn, the jury learned, didn't say anything that day. He didn't speak against Limon for more than two years, eventually agreeing to share her alleged involvement in exchange for a lesser prison sentence.


Jonathan Hearn talked his way around cross examination Monday, appearing exceptionally well prepared. He dodged questions and gave vague answers, clearly irritating defense attorney Richard Terry.

The defense has mounted a spirited campaign to convince the jury that Hearn's words are all the prosecution has against Limon. Terry pressed Hearn on Monday whether there was any corroborating texts, emails or recordings that could prove Limon was as involved in the plot as he said.

"I bring no evidence into the courtroom sir, that's the sheriff department's job," Hearn said.

But he was adamant.

"She did clearly convey that she didn't want to carry on her life without me and began to persuade me that for that to occur her husband needed to be dead," he said.

Terry also wanted to know how, if Limon was indeed the one who advocated for murder, Hearn could provide such a "clinical" description of Robert Limon's murder.

Hearn showed no emotion in the first week of the trial as he walked the jury through every detail of the attack.

Hearn responded to Terry's question by referring back to his firefighting days.

"Sir, I worked in emergency services for six years," he said. "I've learned to just kind of analyze absent emotion, especially as a paramedic because that's contributed to literally countless lives that I've helped and been able to save because I wasn't emotionally entangled."

The defense also questioned Hearn about his motives for testifying against Limon. He was incarcerated for two years before accepting the plea deal that included his testimony. Terry asked whether finding out Limon was seeing another man while he was jailed played a role.

"You made this sacrifice for Sabrina, you didn't feel any sense of betrayal, is that what you're saying sir?" he said.

Hearn's response was slow and came after a long pause.

"I had already gotten over those emotions long before, sir."

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