Watch your speed in school zones during the summer


If you typically ignore school speed zones during the summer, you may want to reconsider.

Law enforcement wants to remind you just because schools out, doesn't mean you can speed through school zones.

BPD Detective Christopher Feola says it's all in the phrasing of the law.

"You want to drive 25 mph when school is in session or when children are present," said Feola.

"When children are present" is important because many schools in Kern County have summer classes, which means children might be present at any time.

Feola suggest you check your speed, slow down, be alert, and watch for kids because during the summer they're out and about.

"These kids might be playing ball, they might be out there looking for their parents," said Feola. "They're going to run out into traffic, they're not going to stop and take a look," said Feola.

That's why you need to slow down and look when driving by a school, even in summer, because during the summer months speeding in school zones can cost you a hefty ticket or even worse, cost a child their life.

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