Weather warning: Valley air very unhealthy Tuesday, early Wednesday

Eyewitness News’ Kahtia Hall delivers her weather forecast Jan. 2, 2018. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

We are in a Stage 2 Smog Alert in the south valley until Wednesday morning due to high levels of particulate matter.

This means that the air quality has peaked at a 200 for at least eight hours for two consecutive days. During a Stage 2 Smog Alert, if you suffer from any respiratory issues or pulmonary issues, please stay indoors. If you are going to go outside, make sure to wear a mask.

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Luckily, there is some rain on the way, which should help clean up the bad air.

Right now, we have posted a 20 percent chance for rainfall across Kern County. However, if we do see anything, it won't be a lot. But you may want to hold out getting that car washed. By Thursday morning, the rain clears out, and we will stay dry Thursday and Friday.

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By the weekend, we have another storm system on the way, which could bring us another chance for rainfall. A 30 percent chance for rain is predicted for Saturday and a 20 percent chance for Sunday.

Another storm system, following behind the heels of the weekend storm, could impact us with another chance for rain as early as next week. We will keep you updated as the computer models continue to update.

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