Witnesses recount face-to-face encounter with gunman at Bakersfield Heart Hospital


Tami Myers and Sherry Biddles recounted the frightening moments when Myers was standing face to face with a gunman at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital.

Police have identified the gunman as 44-year-old Brandon Clark.

Clark shot through a glass door at Heart Hospital, where Myers and her sister, Biddles, were dealing with their father’s medical emergency.

"I cannot believe that you are at a hospital because your dad had a heart attack, and then the next thing you know here comes somebody saying, 'Here comes someone with a gun. Run.' And you turn around a corner, and you are face to face with that person," said Myers.

Myers said the suspect spoke to her.

"He looked right at me, and I see the gun, I have seen it all, and he said, 'I am not going to shoot you,' and I grabbed my sister, and I pushed her to run, and she had my daughter, and she just ran," described Myers.

Myers said she and her family ran for their lives, and all she could think about is if this encounter was the end.

"I honestly felt that any minute I was going to feel something hit me in the back," said Myers.

Police later encountered Clark outside the hospital and shot him.

Police said Clark was related to one of the employees at the hospital and do not know if the relative was the intended target.

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