Woman's body found after apartment fire

An apartment gutted by fire the night before is seen early Friday morning, Aug. 25, 2017, off 33rd Street in Bakersfield, Calif. A woman's body was found after the fire was extinguished. (KBAK/KBFX photo/Claudette Stefanian?)

A woman's body was found Thursday night after a fire was put out in an apartment on 33rd Street.

Neighbors gather around the apartment after the fire tore through a home claiming the life of a neighbor.

"We heard people beating on the door, hollering come out, come out and I looked out the window, and I seen my neighbors living room with flames coming out of the window," said Tanya Clark.

Police said this is being investigated as a suspicious death.

Bessie Lilly lives across from the victim and tells me she is in disbelief and had no idea Thursday evening would be the last time she saw her neighbor.

" She came out and said, "My apartment is on fire ", and she threw her hands back and went back into the house and I did not see here scene," said Lilly.

The Bakersfield Fire Department hasn't said what caused the fire, which displaced seven people.

Anyone who can provide information helpful to the investigation is asked to call Detective Feola at (661) 326-3513.

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