Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable - "Tariffs and the Impact on Local Agriculture"



    Tariffs are taxes on imports & exports.

    They are meant to protect domestic businesses and put foreign competitors at a disadvantage.

    But the taxes also exact a toll on U.S. businesses and consumers, which pay more for products shipped overseas.

    In June and July, President Trump levied billions of dollars of tariffs against Canada, Mexico, the European Union, and China.

    Last month, the Administration announced that the Agriculture Dept. will send $12 billion to farmers to help offset their impact.

    How do these tariffs impact the crops we grow here in Kern County?

    What will the impact be for consumers of our produce and dairy products?

    Join Eyewitness News for a Townhall discussion to discuss the impact of these tariffs on our local economy.

    Host station:

    KBAK TV in Bakersfield, CA


    Ariana Joven, Kern County Farm Bureau

    Holly King, California Almond Board

    CSUB Economics Professor


    Mark Hyman

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