20-year-old from Florida wins $451M Mega Millions jackpot

A 20-year-old man from Port Richey claimed the Mega Millions jackpot. (MGN)

A 20-year-old man from Port Richey, Florida is the sole winner of the $451 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Shane Missler of Port Richey claimed the massive prize Friday. He is the managing member of the Secret 007 LLC Trust.

Missler chose a one-time lump-sum payment of $281,874,999, according to the Florida Lottery.

"I’m only 20, but I hope to use it to pursue a variety of passions, help my family and do some good for humanity," said Missler.

Missler said he had a feeling he won on the night of the drawing before sharing the good news with his brother. He told his father over coffee the next morning.

"This series of jackpot rollovers is not only life-changing for this young man, it has allowed us to contribute more than $23 million to education that will greatly benefit our state’s students and schools," the Florida Lottery said in a press release.

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