Trump not happy or merry about 'holiday' greetings

Trump not happy or merry about 'holiday' greetings (White House Christmas Tree Ceremony Photo)

Over the past year, President Donald Trump has shown he is not shy about jumping into highly-charged, cultural debates - maybe even starting them. The latest fiery debate he’s poured gasoline on is all about two words: "Merry Christmas."

The so-called "war on Christmas" is a popular topic among conservatives. And during a speech on tax reform in Missouri Wednesday, the president riled up the crowd with a Christmas complaint.

“You see happy new year and you see red and snow and all these things,” Trump said. “You don't see Merry Christmas anymore. With Trump as your president, we are going to be celebrating Merry Christmas again.”

Then on Thursday, Trump said the National Christmas Tree lighting was something he'd been looking forward to all year long.

“And now as the President of the United States, it's my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world a very Merry Christmas,” he declared at the event.

But was "Merry Christmas" ever missing from the White House? The Obamas said it many times.

Still, around the White House on Friday, most tourists said they agreed with the current president that "Christmas" trumps "holidays."

“I think it's still okay to embrace Christ during the holiday season,” said Erica Brauns.

“It's Christmas. You know, we celebrate what holiday it is,” added Anne Oberg.

But others disagree.

“We personally for example celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah so I would like to say happy holidays to all including any of every denomination,” said Esther Hess.

“It seems to be the theme of this presidency is a lot of divisive language,” said Lauren Marshall. “I think you should say whatever you're comfortable with and not judge anyone else for what they're comfortable with.”

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