WATCH: Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable 'Opioid Epidemic'

WATCH: Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable 'Opioid Epidemic'

Every 19 minutes someone in the United States dies from an Opioid addiction. That rate makes Opioid addiction the leading cause of accidental death in America.

With that in mind, watch our Your Voice, Your Future round-table dedicated to the Opioid epidemic.

ABC7's Michelle Marsh moderated the panel made up of Van Jones, Newt Gingrich and Patrick Kennedy.

Gingrich, Jones and Kennedy are dedicated to combating the epidemic and are the founding advisors of a new non-profit called “Advocates for Opioid Recovery.”

In 'Opioid Epidemic', they address barriers to recovery, addiction as a disease and ways to improve the recovery process for people living with addiction.

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