Police in Arkansas hand out report cards to deter vehicle break-ins


    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) In an effort to end car break-ins in Little Rock, police are now placing theft prevention report cards on windshields around the city.


    Little Rock Police Department started up the program nearly two years ago. They will check to see if doors are unlocked, windows are down, or if there any valuables in plain sight and give that driver a pass or fail grade. "We did have a lot of auto thefts during that time. It's kind of a consistent issue that we do see is car break-ins, leaving your car unlocked or leaving items that are in plain view," said officer Eric Barnes.

    During a quick sweep with Officer Tarrence Rawls, he found not one but two vehicles that had visible firearms in the back seat. And on that card, he left his phone number to the drivers in case they had any follow up questions.

    Officer Barnes added, "I think we have a good review back from the public. I think a lot of people like the fact that we're out doing these, we're out actually being proactive. They get to see the result of that when they get this little card in the window. It's not a card that they're in trouble. It's just a card that we're out working, we're out trying to make a difference in your neighborhood."

    They hand them out all over the city but will target problem areas with vehicle break-ins. The report cards will be typically written out at night when the majority of these crimes happen. "We want to kind of get ahead of the curve. If we can maybe prevent some of them versus actually having to take the report on the back end, we'd rather do that then to have see somebody be a victim," said Officer Barnes.

    Inside the pamphlet, LRPD lists some words of advice like to park in well lit areas and not even leave loose change in a car because it can be a invitation to break in.

    In 2018, officers distributed 1,400 report cards, and so far this year, they've already given out over 500.

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