Uranus visible to the naked eye across the US

Uranus visible all night with clear skies in middle Tennessee (WZTV)

People across the country will be able to see the rare sight of Uranus on Thursday night.

Folks who are out and about away from city lights, take a look at the sky to catch a glimpse of the planet. Uranus will be making a “close” approach to the Earth tonight, which will allow stargazers to have a chance to view the giant icy blue-green planet.

To see the planet, just look to the southeast towards the Pisces constellation. Uranus will be very close by.

Uranus will not be as visible as Mars or Venus since it is 1.7 billion miles away, but if you look carefully you will see the blue-green planet. If you want to definitely see the planet, grab the binoculars!

You will not need a telescope to see it, unless you want a very clear and closer view.

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