Dramatic video of the day a Utah man tried to set himself on fire, injuring 4 officers

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WARNING: Graphic video content may be disturbing to some viewers.

(KUTV) -- New surveillance video released captures the terrifying moments as a man set himself on fire, injuring four officers in the process.

The video, from a Kaysville gas station, shows a fireball shooting out of a back bathroom. Four officers were inside along with 26-year-old Tyler Ivison.

The officers were dispatched to the store after a call of a suicidal man who had poured gasoline on himself and had a lighter in hand.

All four officers spoke to the media about what happened during a news conference Thursday.

Three of them were in the room, the other officer, Robert Jackson, spoke via Skype from his hospital bed at the University of Utah Hospital.

“It’s tough to watch it’s very hard to watch. It was very hot it was very intense,” Sgt. Shawn McKinnon, who says he had just watched the video for the first time only minutes before coming out to talk to the media, said.

“It’s just amazing that everyone is alive and doing as well as they are.”

“Unfortunately I caught fire and that was scary,” Officer Robert Jackson said from his hospital bed. “My job is to protect lives. If I have to risk mine to save somebody else I’m going to do that.”

Officer Cade Bradshaw was burned on his arms and face and is still wearing bandages on his arms. “You kind of go into survival mode my goal was to just try and get out of there.”

Officer Lacy Turner managed to grab a fire extinguisher to help put out the flames. “It was so quick... you are just trying to survive.”

All four officers say they did everything they could to try and talk Ivison into giving them the lighter and not to light himself on fire. According to the officers, when he closed the cap of the lighter, that’s when they moved into to try and take it from him so that no one else would get hurt.

“The communications weren’t working as far as getting the lighter from him,” Mckinnon said.

“I just remember grabbing him and we got into a wrestle and then all of a sudden I remember hearing that sound of fire and it going up. It got extremely hot and we all just kind of made that mad dash to get out,” Bradshaw said.

Officer Jackson got the worst of the burns with a 3rd-degree burn on his legs and a 2nd-degree burn on his arms.

“It’s an unfortunate thing that happened, but at the end of the day we are all alive,” Jackson said.

Ivison’s family says Tyler is still in the hospital and will be in for a quite some time while he tries to recover.

“The brave men and women of the Kaysville Police Department are not only the reason that my brother-in-law is still alive today, but they very well may be the reason that many people who were at the gas station are still alive as well. What they did, selflessly defending the public and my brother from himself should be what the public thinks about when they think of the police,” Joshua Budge said.

Budge says they’ve been trying for some time to get mental help for Ivison.

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