Surveillance video shows lightning striking plane, hospitalizing airport worker

Photo: CNN Newsource

(SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) -- Surveillance video captured at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Meyer contains chilling footage of the moment lightning struck a plane, and electrocuted an airport worker walking on the tarmac.

The victim, Austin Dunn, was hospitalized for almost two weeks following the incident.

"My dad called and he said, your brother was electrocuted, and he's at Lee Memorial, and all I asked was, 'is he alive?'" sister Autumn Dunn said.

"It was definitely the most scariest thing," Dunn said. "You don't expect it."

In the video, three workers can be seen helping a Sun Country plane back up for take off.

Austin Dunn, dressed in orange, goes to duck under the plane.

At that exact moment, lightning struck the plane's tail, travels through the body and ignites Dunn's body in an orange flash.

Dunn collapses immediately; his coworkers are seen frantically signaling for help.

Southwest Florida International Airport officials said lightning warning system systems were activated when Dunn, 21, was struck

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