Shootout during traffic stop in Arkansas caught on camera

A shootout between a deputy and a suspect lasted for nearly a minute in Arkansas. (Washington County Sheriff's Office)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (CBS12) — A dramatic shootout between a man and a sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop in Arkansas is caught on camera.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office released the video, which shows the gun battle lasting for nearly a minute.

Washington County Corporal Brett Thompson tried to pull over a car for a traffic violation. The car slowed down and ultimately stopped.

As soon as Cpl. Thompson got out of his car, the driver opened his car door and started shooting. Thompson fired back.

While bullets are flying, the dashcam video shows the driver of an SUV rolling into the shooting scene but suddenly backing away to safety.

The gunman gets back into the car and drives away.

The sheriff's office said the driver stopped to let a female passenger out of his car before speeding away again.

A short time later, Springdale Police officers spot the fleeing car. The sheriff's office said the driver opened fire on officers again. Officers returned fire. The chase continued into Fayetteville before returning to Springdale where the chase ended.

Officers arrested 29-year-old Luis Cobos-Cenobio. After treating him for a wound to his shoulder, authorities took him to jail.

No one was hurt during the chase and shootouts.

Cobos-Cenobio is facing four counts of attempted capital murder, act of terrorism, fleeing, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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