Watch as Hurricane Harvey victim returns to flooded home: 'Water is a powerful thing'

Harvey evacuee returns home. (CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - On her 66th birthday, Willie Marie Burton returned to her Southeast Texas home to see what - if anything - Hurricane Harvey had left behind.

"This too shall pass. It will. I know that it will," she said while touring her yard.

Burton told CNN's Rosa Flores, "I feel like cryin' but then I'm joyful 'cause I coulda been in the water. And it coulda got us, so I'm just grateful. I'm just getting back to see what's left."

CNN reports Burton is one of roughly 10,000 Harvey evacuees who sought shelter at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

Speaking with CNN earlier in the week, Burton told of her escape from the deadly flooding.

"There was six of us in the truck and we just went down towards it and he had to go through water and drive in the middle of the street and we had to maneuver. And when we got to Ley Road it was underwater, so he had to maneuver there. And so, it was an ordeal but eventually, we got to higher ground at Lakewood shopping center - that's on Mesa - after we left his brother-in-law's house. We were there figuring we could relax and whatever and it started raining and they said water was rising. Time to go. So, that's what we did."

As Burton, donning a red Houston Astros cap, opened her front door, she marveled, "Water is a powerful thing. It toppled over the sofa. And that love seat. And it just moved all of this stuff. When you see it. Woah. The sink came up and the refrigerator is over. Lord, Lord. Woah."

The Harvey survivor was relieved to discover some old photos she had set aside didn't get wet.

"I put this up here. Thank you, Lord. These are pictures from a long time ago. And this thing kept them dry. Didn't get wet. That's good."

According to CNN, Burton's dog Lassie had run away as the hurricane drew near. Soon after she was reunited with her pet at home, Burton broke into tears. She was comforted by an unidentified young woman who soothed, "It's OK, it's OK ... He always takes care of us."

Despite the flood damage her home suffered, Burton refused to let the devastation put a damper on her birthday celebrations.

"Today is my 66th birthday. What I'm going to do after we go through some of this is I just want to eat seafood. I love seafood. So, if I can get some seafood, I'll be happy. And if I get a martini, I'll be happy. But if not, I'm just glad to be here."

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